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Date May 14, 2015


Hello and welcome to Toneli!

We are an experienced group of companies that has been operating since 1991 and our core business activities revolve around eggs. Our mission is to bring consumers the best and most nutritious products, which we achieve by constantly and consistently upholding our core values of quality, competitiveness, competence, safety and trust, and through our dedication to complete customer satisfaction.

Toneli has become Romania’s leading brand thanks to our team’s unique expertise and because we care about our customers and we show it in everything we do.

We are true perfectionists and our philosophy revolves around being able to account for every step in the journey of the eggs we produce, from the moment they are laid to the moment they reach the consumer’s table.

Quality and safety are paramount throughout the production chain, which is why the Toneli team has implemented integrated management systems to ensure environmental and product safety.

So, let’s join a Toneli egg on its journey!

Our group’s success story is based on an integrated and vertically balanced business model, and the processes we’ve developed and implemented, from the early stage of fodder recipe design to the laying hens.

First, the combined nutrients plant processes cereal and produces the fodder, the actual food for the laying hens and 1 day-old chicks.

We’ve created our own nutrient recipes to perfectly match the hens’ hybrid and age, and have eliminated any negative elements from the poultry’s food.

Our proprietary recipes include only genetically unmodified cereal from both domestic and external producers – wheat, corn, barley, soybean meal, sunflower – enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The result is a highly nutritious fodder, in line with the latest research in the field.

European Union standards are meant to be upheld and fulfilled. We take great care of our bio security measures, including ensuring strict control of access to the facilities, constant monitoring of the laying hens’ health, always keeping them indoors in the production facilities, and disinfecting all the employees who enter the production areas.

The farms are located in Muntenia – in southern of Romania, in counties such as Dambovița, Argeș, Ialomita and Teleorman.

There are two types of chicken farms: the day-old chicks farms, which populate the egg production farms; and the actual shell eggs production farms, where the eggs are collected and sent to the packing center.

The shell eggs production farms are either ground breeding or battery breeding, both meeting the European standards.

The  total capacity for laying hens averages 1,100,000, while the 1 day-old chicks are 700,000-1 mil per year. The average number of eggs produced daily is 900,000.

In all our facilities, every activity is controlled and supervised by an automated system. Thus, we ensure the ratio of feed and water is carefully established for the whole day; we use an automatic lighting control program; ventilation is controlled to maintain optimal and constant temperatures and humidity in the air; we collect and record the daily egg production; we control the removal and drying of the growing battery system.

The station at the packing center operates a completely automated line from the initial sorting to the final packing.

The egg sorting and processing technology is very complex and can achieve high fidelity operations.

The process of checking shell eggs for cracks is executed through ultrasound technology. The machine can detect very small cracks, measuring microns. Cracked eggs are separated from the intact eggs and removed from the packaging flow. Also, the process detects and sorts the dirty eggs out and removes them from the packaging flow.

The sorting station has an automatic brown detector of shell eggs, which makes it possible to sort white eggs from brown eggs. They are subsequently packaged in in different cartons.

The system also has a blood detector; eggs with blood inside are detected and removed from the packaging flow

An important process in the sorting and packing workflow is disinfection of the eggs with UV rays.

The equipment has a special module for sorting the eggs by weight in the following categories S, M, L, XL, and guiding them to 12 primary packaging lines, with cartons or casings.

The packing process is also completely automated. On the 12 packing lines, eggs are packaged in cardboard or plastic cartons with 4, 6, 8, 10, 15 eggs, or in casings for 20, 30 eggs, or in delivery boxes of 150, 180 or 360 eggs, but we are flexible and always ready to satisfy any customer’s request.

At the end of the packing process a barcode reader separates the packs for different destinations, and readies them for the palletizing process.

The palletizing process is also fully automated, without the need for human intervention Two robots with intelligent software work concurrently and have six different palletization options.

Toneli Holding is the only shell eggs distribution company in Romania able to supply any quantity of product, anywhere in the country. Our daily delivery capacity is over 1.3 million shell eggs, thanks to the fleet of refrigerated vehicles, ranging in size from 3.5 to 22 tons, we own.

Since 2011 we also focused our activity on exporting shell eggs.

Now we export to the U.E, Middle East, and Africa.

And this is how the egg travels from the cute little hens right to your plate, for breakfast, lunch, dinner or exquisite desserts!

Welcome again to the Toneli Family!

Thanks for watching!